About D.C. Bach Company, LLC

David Charles Bach After working in the lighting industry for over a decade, David Charles Bach decided to start his own company with the focus on customer service and making things better than before he walked through the door. Thus, the D.C. Bach Company was born in 1986 as a local lighting distributor serving the greater Seattle region. Hand-delivering light bulbs and meeting with his customer’s face-to-face, David grew his clientele and service area, helping customers from Alaska to Nebraska and everywhere in between. Cultivating these relationships with his customers and providing competitive pricing, D.C. Bach realized these were the most important keys to success through so many transitions in the industry.

Chris Bach His son, Chris had grown up with the company and became a part of it in 2010, and would take over business operations in 2015. With a focus on the Pacific Northwest, where ‘going green’ became the norm, the D.C. Bach Company also emphasized the importance of energy conservation, emerging as one of the leaders in the LED lighting retrofit movement.

Over the past half-decade, Chris has managed hundreds of LED retrofit projects in just about every region in Washington State, including as far east as Montana. He’s elevated D.C. Bach to Tier 1-status for Puget Sound Energy’s Contractor Alliance Network and worked with just about every utility company in the state with a 100% customer satisfaction rate.

David Charles Bach As always, D.C. Bach keeps up on the latest technology and can offer any product available on today’s market. With so many options out there, we go above and beyond others to offer our expertise in finding the right solution for you and your business. Whether it’s hand-delivering a case of 4ft fluorescent tubes, or retrofitting an entire business to LED, D.C. Bach will leave its stamp of quality wherever it goes. Your lighting projects and needs are very important to us. We pledge to work together with you to achieve the utmost satisfaction and long term relationship.