NXT LEVELNXT Level is the most comprehensive lighting training in the Northwest for lighting contractors, designers, installers and others working on commercial or industrial retrofits.

D.C. Bach Company is NXT Level 1 designated. To be listed, companies must complete an application process: providing references, a history of projects and proof of good standing with their utility. Individuals completed an application process and either provided proof of holding select lighting certifications or completed the NXT Level training, passing the associated course exams.


Contractor Alliance NetworkD.C. Bach Company is a pre-screened independent Tier 1 contractor for Puget Sound Energy’s Contractor Alliance Network (CAN). We are certified energy efficiency specialists that share PSE’s standard of excellence and superior service along with making the incentive process much simpler. As such, PSE consistently refers its customers to us as a trusted vendor to help make their businesses operate more efficiently.

We are licensed, bonded and insured, knowledgeable on current energy codes and educated on high efficiency equipment and product applications. To maintain this status, we are continually trained and educated on the latest LED and efficient lighting product technology.

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